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Manufacturer's Product Description

Laminated Glass

• Safety
• Security
• Hurricane Resistant
• Sound Control

Laminated solutions from AFG Glass combine an attractive appearance with exceptional strength and protection—perfect for applications where safety, security, hurricane resistance, or sound control is a concern.

AFG Glass provides laminated product solutions that consist of two glass lites, bonded around a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The resulting “sandwich”—which is visually indistinguishable from monolithic glass—can include a variety of AFG’s primary, coated, or heat-treated products, to create custom-tailored solutions for a range of needs. While AFG’s laminated glass may be broken by extreme force, the glass fragments remain in the frame, bonded to the PVB interlayer. Laminated glass has applications in both commercial and residential construction, as well as the automotive industry. Ranging from 5/32" to 3" in thickness, AFG’s family of laminated solutions feature customized benefits such as safety, security, hurricane resistance, and sound control—providing beautiful, practical solutions to meet many design challenges.


AFG’s laminated safety solutions offer exceptional protection during glass impacts—minimizing personal risk when used in automobile windshields, residential patio doors, commercial skylights, and other applications.

Laminated products from AFG Glass provide excellent personal protection when used as safety glazings in homes, commercial buildings, and automobiles. The surface of AFG’s laminated products may be broken, but the resulting glass shards stay inside the window or door frame, bonded to an inner layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). While conventional doors and windows can cause serious injuries when they shatter, AFG’s laminated products safeguard against dangerous glass fragments. These safety solutions are perfect for automotive windshields, as well as any residential door or window with a risk of breakage—including patio doors, storm doors, and shower enclosures. In commercial applications, building codes often require laminated safety glass for storefronts, entrance doors, and overhead glazings such as atriums and skylights.


Security is a growing concern across North America—and laminated solutions from AFG Glass can provide protection against forced entry, bullets, bombings, and even electronic eavesdropping.

Security glazings have become an increasing focus since the US terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001—with building codes now requiring the use of blast-resistant glazings in new commercial structures. AFG Glass provides a range of laminated product solutions that can help protect against personal injury from bombs, bullets, and forced entry. These products not only offer exceptional strength that helps glass remain intact during heavy stresses—but also can prevent flying and falling glass shards following glass breakage. Both homes and residential buildings can benefit from increased protection, while still enjoying unobstructed views and high levels of light transmission. For businesses with proprietary or sensitive information, AFG Glass also offers specialized laminated products that protect against electronic eavesdropping and electromagnetic interference.

Hurricane Resistant

For homes and businesses at risk for hurricane damage, AFG Glass provides a family of laminated glass products that combine protection with beauty and energy efficiency.

In the wake of increasing recent hurricane activity, both residential and commercial property owners share a desire for strong, wind-resistant doors and windows. In fact, many coastal areas now have building codes in place that require the use of hurricane-resistant glazings. AFG Glass stands ready to meet this increasing demand, with custom-tailored laminated solutions that offer superior strength and personal protection during natural disasters—without compromising everyday glass performance or appearance. Laminated solutions from AFG Glass are designed to not only resist impacts from flying debris, but also to withstand the cyclical pressures that accompany a major storm. AFG can combine its primary, coated, or heat-treated products within a specific door or window, to provide a beautiful outward appearance—as well as customized energy performance for different regions.

Sound Control

AFG Glass has created exclusive laminated solutions that offer outstanding sound insulation and noise reduction for homes and businesses near airports, highways, railroads, heavy industry, and other sources of noise.

Laminated solutions from AFG Glass provide excellent sound control and noise reduction for both residential and commercial construction applications. The bonded design of laminated glass provides outstanding acoustic insulation by dampening sound resonance and glass vibration—making it the perfect choice for noisy areas. Compared to traditional single- and double-glazed systems, the sound-control benefits are dramatic. Windows and doors that incorporate AFG’s laminated glass products can provide a significant reduction in unwanted noise from nearby highways, airports, railroads, or manufacturing plants—while offering unobstructed views and a lovely glass appearance. Laminated products from AFG Glass can also be used in sound studios and other production environments.

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