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Manufacturer's Product Description

People can reach comfortable and cozy spirit by the frequency
created by the winds' rustle and the flowing brook's trill; the frequency
created by the heart beating and cells can make a person pleasant.
From the physiological point, this kind of relaxation caused by the
vibration is easily accepted by human being..

An amazing voice resonance can be felt when touching in the back
of speaking person. 70% of human body is composed by water, since
water can transmit the vibration by the flowing air, the infants in mother's
body can feel reassurance when hearing the voice from his mother and
the heart beat, and other voice with the fetal heart beat.

Within listening mother's lullabies, the baby will fall asleep securely
by hearing mother's heart beat and the vibration of the lullabies sound,
so the beating heart of mother and lullabies also be to the vibration
frequency which can delight the spirit happily.

Adults are also with residue of infant's memory in subconscious, if in
similar circumstance; people can achieve the effect of mental relaxation,
too. So, the M2 SONIC adopts this principle that makes people
relaxed through the body-feeling vibration and the system is formed.
Along with the vibration from the M2 SONIC, the impression of
the voice and the shock and inebriety from the music can be
strengthened deeply.

Because of such special effects, M2 SONIC is now
applicable to medical and music therapy, such as the internal medicine
of heart, the medical field for elderly, and the terminal medicine, X-ray
examination, blood donation, surgery, dental and other fields have a lots
of research and clinical reports.

M2 SONIC is not only just music, but also to perform the
recording sound into achievement of the realistic scene along with the
vibrating and shocking effect of the engine and the explosion sound,
even can get the overwhelming dramatic result by cooperating the film
and DVD.


Activity with M2 sonic sofa