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Manufacturer's Product Description

Technogel is the world leading Gel producer. Today, 'Technogel' is also the registered trade name of a special Gel, Technogel® and that of a producer. Technogel® is produced using an exclusive formula (no plastiziers used), patented by Bayer MaterialScience AG, which Technogel uses as an exclusive licensee worldwide.

The main feature that makes Technogel® superior to any other product on the market today is its shape memory. Thanks to this quality when Technogel® is pressed by the body it moulds itself to each individual's shape by deforming along all three axes: "up-down", "right-left" and frontward and backward. Normal padding materials tend on the other hand to deform only in the "up-down" direction, causing a considerable accumulation of pressure in the direct contact zones. Technogel® therefore offers and guarantees optimum pressure distribution over time. The advantages of balances pressure distribution the body exerts on contact parts are:

better blood circulation

the ability to maintain a correct posture without "settling" and searching for unnatural positions to alleviate the discomfort deriving from pressure concentration.

Chemically and industrially, Technogel® is a polyurethane material head and shoulders above the others on the market, because of the following characteristics:

it is totally free from plastizing agents and other volatile agents. This means that its components cannot split free (they do not migrate), causing substance desegregation;

it does not harden of age and keeps its elastic-mechanical properties for a considerable time. Laboratory testshave demonstrated that it is able to withstand more than 300,000 pressure cycles without deformation, against the 6,000 of normal gels.

It's polyurethane base is completely non-toxic. The polyurethane is used to make the plastic bags to contain hospital blood and Technogel® is used in prostheses in direct contact with injured parts.

It can be injected like a foam inside moulds with large - even if not absolute - degress of liberty in the shapes.

It does not expand and remains compact.

Products made with Technogel® have material technical characteristics offering three performance features:

Long-life and stability without plastic deformation even in extreme use conditions.

Maximum pressure distribution capacity and excellent weight distribution, confirmed by strict laboratory tests. If we take just seats, a comparative test between a foam and gel cushion and one just of foam, demonstrates that there is a maximum pressure reduction by around 60% with the former after one hour. The superiority of Technogel® is better expressed in prolonged use times. Its chemical formulation, free from plastizing agents produces less "elastic" material, that does not "bounce" the user's body.

Finally, its great ability to absorb shocks and vibration.

For users, this is all translated into comfort and well-being.


Activity with Technogel®