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Manufacturer's Product Description

The core idea behind the designer's concept was to create a variable conference table grammar Р different from the one-dimensional, representational individual piece of furniture.

The prerequisite for this idea is an intelligent component system which allows itself to be adapted to every form of use requirement with only a low level of technology. Mobility can be achieved in a lively conference by turning the table legs, carrying one or two table tops according to their load.

Aesthetic requirements are also a part of the usage concept: beyond the technical solution the programme should have sensual qualities. Thus the wooden edges of the table tops were constructed in a wide curve Р slimming from the strongly designed corners towards the centre. The result of this formal finesse: in spite of their static stability the tables are given an elegant lightness, almost hovering character, which can not only be seen by the eyes but also explored with the finger tips. Further the broad palette of high-quality materials offers interesting possibilities for personal combinations of light or warm wood tones, form-related veneer patterns, technical tones for the table legs or a coordinated spectrum of colours for the table tops, contrasting or harmonizing Р according to the intended use and to personal wishes. Christian Lepper, born 1958, Roland Schmidt, born 1961 and Uwe Sommerlade, born 1961, belong to the high-profile newcomers in technically oriented furniture design. With their ingenious product developments they repeatedly prove their particular affinity to craftsman-like quality, worked to perfection. Their creative competence has to date been proved mainly in the sector of development of multifunctional table systems, always based on a system concept which enables development Р the principle of extension, the potential of conversion, of changing constellation.

The legs can be finished to match or contrast with the table top, to suit the
particular environment and personal ideas. There is no limit to the range and diversity of possible combinations.

The constructional core of the Cetera conference table programme is the load-carrying system, designed with flexibility in mind: the table legs are not fixed into the table top but are easily removed and exchanged using a simple but convincing lever mechanism. Result: with only few simple manoevres two table legs are turned 45Ў and a single table can be transformed into a room-filling table structure just by adding table tops. Thus the furniture can be spontaneously extended, regrouped or split according to the conference situation Р in order to adjust the use requirement to the optimally coincide with the changing conditions.

Whether in a small discussion group, a forward-facing project situation or a generously laid-out discussion forum: the architecture of the table always shows individuality to suit the situation with its repertoire of shapes. With only a few moves the entire table system can be refitted in any of the various system variations, according to the room available and the desired table formation. Thus the user becomes the designer, change becomes a principle. The geometrical form of the table legs emphasises the optical lightness of the table system. Where the table legs stand as a pair they flow together to form an impressive semicircle. Individuality included. Cornerstones: the right-angled form of a corner with a square table top. Й the harmonious effect of a quarter circle element. Й with a geometrical hexagonal formation. Й or with a generously curved circular segment.

With two lever movements Р detachable from the table top without tools Р the table leg can be transformed from a corner point to a connecting point between two table tops.

No insight: Panels of filigree perforated plate or veneered timber derived material, hung in below the table top, discretely hide the view of the legroom. The panels are easily mounted without tools according to the principle of connection of the table legs.

Open ways: The programme includes tailor-made elements for the organization of cable runs. An opening in the table top, covered by a flap with a catch spring mechanism Р which opens by a light tap with the finger Р serves for cable passage through the table top. The veneer structure of the flap precisely matches the surrounding surface.


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