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Manufacturer's Product Description

216 seems to be just the right number of them, such simple geometric salience comes no sweeter than six cubed. The Zen set is the perfect balance between portability and potential, between manageability and latent intricacy. Each magnet is strong enough to support the weight of the whole set. The Zen Set will always fit in your pocket, but is always ready to be taken out to play. Your pet rock will be so jealous.

Even if your only intention is to squeeze your frustration through your fingers, you will find a cluster of 216 Zen magnets to be a worthy companion, with the ideal harmony of resistance and weight. Knead them hard for a settling hand massage. Invitingly cold after a period of non-use.

A chain can be wrapped and rolled into sheets and rings. Sheets and rings can be connected and compounded to basic particles: polyhedrons, polygons, and even more complex 2D sheets. Stir some originality into the blend, mix in some creativity, saturate with spatial awareness and tactile technique, and add a dash of inspiration. What you end up with will never fail to surprise you and impress others. The 2D world deserves some attention too: there are millions of unique snowflake patterns, and Zen magnets are terrific for refrigerator art.

As a good habit, compose back into a 6 layer hexagon for storage. The poles will mostly cancel and potential for magnetic interference is minimal. This way your credit cards and harddrives will be safe in the same pocket. Not that organization requires an excuse.

As a chain of chromed magnetic beads, 216 Zen Magnets will measure over a meter long, and routinely attract more compliments than their precious competitors in the realm of self adornment. Only $24.74

The Zen Set: 216 Zen Magnets. 6 Free spares and a velvet sack included.
Free First Class Shipping. Ships within 24 business hours. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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