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Manufacturer's Product Description

DRYTEK® 7000 is an economical, self-leveling, cement-based underlayment designed for use over various substrates, including concrete and ceramic tile.


* Pour depths of 1/8” to 2”
* Walkable after 1-4 hours, finished floor goods can be applied as soon as 3 days, depending on thickness, substrate temp., RH%, and ambient temp.
* Coverage: approximately 28 sq. ft. per 55 lb bag at 1⁄4” thickness
* Self-leveling
* Water damage stable
* Suitable surface for most finished floor goods
* Can be applied directly over wet concrete (RH 95% or less per ASTM F2170) without risk for deterioration of adhesives and subsequent bond loss of glued-down goods
* Inorganic; will not contribute to or harbor growth of mold or mildew
* Will not contribute to damaging emissions or irritating fumes upon setting or curing
* Most economical

Tensile Bond Strength*: > 435 PSI
Flexural Strength: 870 PSI
Compressive Strength (28 days): 3900 PSI
Shrinkage: 0.03-0.05 %
pH (wet-state): 11
Working Time: 15-20 minutes
Dry Density: 106 lb / ft3
Ideal slump range: 10-11 inches
Emissions (ammonia development): ≤ 0.7 mg / m3
Installed weight per ft2@1/4” thickness: 2.21 lbs
* To concrete substrate

Substrate shall be free from dust, oil or any contaminants which may contribute to decreased bond. Weak surfaces must be mechanically cleaned to sound and solid substrates by shot-blasting, scarifying or similar. Remove any loose particles such as adhesive residues and then vacuum. Surface bond strength of substrate should be minimum 72 PSI (0.5 MPa). Surface should be primed with DRYTEK Primer. Substrate temperature should be a minimum 43F (+6fC) during application and air temperature maintained between 50-77fF (10-25fC). Adequate ventilation should be provided to ensure uniform drying. Moisture content of substrate should be RH 95% or less prior to application of DRYTEK® 7000. Contraction joints, construction joints and cracks in the substrate which may be subject to movement after installation of DRYTEK® 7000 must be maintained as joints in the new surface. Felt-backed floor coverings should be removed prior to application of DRYTEK.

DRYTEK® 7000 should be mixed with 4.5 to 5 quarts of water per 55 lb bag. Do not over-water. For manual application, add product to water and mix for 2-3 minutes with a heavy duty drill (650 rpm) to obtain a lump-free mix. DRYTEK® 7000 can also be used in most pump equipment, please consult with Drytek representative to verify equipment compatibility. A slump test should always be performed to ensure that mix is homogenized and free from separation.

Pour blended material onto substrate at a thickness of 1/8" to 2" (3-50 mm) for all surfaces except lightweight concrete, where a thickness of 1/2" - 3/4" (6-20 mm) must be maintained. Perform slump test and adjust water accordingly until ideal patty size of 10-11 inches is obtained. Immediately smooth the poured slurry with a smoother. After initial set of material, remove all overlap marks, seams and inconsistencies by scraping with steel trowel. Material can be walked on after 1-4 hours.

A finish coat of DRYTEK self-leveling cement may be applied to DRYTEK® 7000 after material has set (1-4 hours). It is extremely important that DRYTEK® 7000 is primed with DRYTEK® Primer prior to application of finish material. Apply two coats of primer to the DRYTEK surface - the first coat diluted at 1:5 (primer:water) the second coat diluted at 1:3 (primer:water) prior to topping with another DRYTEK® product.

Finished floor goods can be applied to surface 72 hours after application, depending on thickness, drying conditions and type of finished floor. Due to the relatively low pH level of DRYTEK® floor leveling products, finished floor goods can be applied rapidly without risk of adhesive bond failure. As a general rule, permeable materials such as carpeting may be adhesively or mechanically applied to DRYTEK® underlayments when RH level of substrate (i.e. concrete slab, etc) is 95% or below. RH levels should be determined according to ASTM standard F2170. Always test performance suitability and compatibility of finished floor systems prior to their application. Sample surfaces should be installed as a field test so as to be representative of entire surface and tested for intended use. Always refer to finished floor manufacturers recommendations regarding installation instructions, restrictions and compatibility.

Not for installation over wood substrates or vinyl. Apply only over ceramic or quarry tile which is applied to a concrete substrate and well-bonded. For indoor applications only. Not for applications exposed to continuous water of intrusion. Must allow for eventual drying of substrate.

DRYTEK® 7000 is available in 55 lb vinyl-lined paper bags.

Product should be stored in dry conditions and in original packaging. Use within 6 months of date of manufacture.

Information contained within this brochure is not legally binding. Information contained herein is in good faith but Drytek Flooring Solutions Inc (DRYTEK) will not be held liable for information which has been misunderstood or used incorrectly. DRYTEK will not be held liable for improperly applied or used products, nor the specific use or pertinency of a product to a particular project. Information contained herein or otherwise administered by DRYTEK or its affiliates is based on the current and present knowledge of the products when used under normal circumstances and according to DRYTEK recommendations.

WARNING: Dust may cause skin, eye, nose, throat, or respiratory irritation. Avoid dust inhalation and exposure to dust. If dusty, wear a NIOSH/MSHA-approved dust respirator. Use proper ventilation to reduce dust exposure. Portland cement is strongly alkaline and can be corrosive to eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Wear eye and skin protection. If eye contact occurs, immediately flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes and get medical attention. Do not ingest. If ingested and any discomfort occurs, call physician


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