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Manufacturer's Product Description

DRYTEK® 3000 is a revolutionary, fast-setting, lightweight cement made from a proprietary formula of cement and lightweight aggregate particles. These lightweight particles give this product a range of unique properties.

Easy Application -
easy to mix, pour and place at depths of ¾ in. to 2 ft. (or greater)
Ultra Light –
about 15% the weight of standard concrete. Under 30 lbs/ft3 (480 kg/m3) when dried
Fast Drying –
walkable within 12 hours – ready for cap of DRYTEK self-leveling material within 24 hours.
Additional Benefits -
Improved thermal insulation and sound attenuation properties; freeze-thaw resistant; and maintenance free

DRYTEK® 3000 is a key component of the DRYTEK® FlowLite™ System - which consists of a substrate base of DRYTEK® 3000 capped by a DRYTEK self-leveling material (such as DRYTEK® 7400). Please visit to learn more about the DRYTEK® FlowLite System.

Installed density (initial, 100%RH) 31 Lbs/cu.ft.
Installed density (90%RH) 28 Lbs/cu.ft
Installed density (dry) 25-28 Lbs/cu.ft.
Compressive Strength 6400 PSI*
pH (wet state) 12.5
Working Time 60 minutes
Walkable Time 12 hours
* Note: Compressive Strength indicated is for The DRYTEK® FlowLite System: a base substrate of DRYTEK® 3000 capped with DRYTEK® 7400

1. CLEAN: Clean substrate to eliminate dust, dirt, oil, grease, paint or any contaminants which may inhibit bonding. Mechanically clean weak or contaminated surfaces by shot blasting or scarifying. Do not use chemicals to clean the substrate.
2. TEST: Test surface bond strength of the substrate to ensure a minimum 72 PSI (0.5 MPa). Test the relative humidity (RH) of concrete substrate in accordance with ASTM F 2170 to ensure a 95% RH or lower.
3. CHECK CONDITIONS: Ensure substrate maintains minimum temperature of 50°F (10°C) during the application and the ambient temperature is maintained between 50-77°F (10-25°C).
4. PRIME: Prime substrate surface with DRYTEK® Primer . . . OR . . .
5. LAY PE SHEET: If a floating floor or decoupling is desired - lay polyethylene (PE) sheeting (6 mil min.) over the entire floor surface. Fold sheet up at walls and other contact points to create a leak-free surface. Ensure plastic sheeting fits tightly against substrate, pipes, and other obstructions to prevent formation of air pockets. Overlap adjacent sheets, smooth wrinkles, and tape sheets at joints. Do not staple, glue, or otherwise attach the sheeting to the substrate.

1. PLAN: Use yield table to determine how many bags of DRYTEK® 3000 will be required to cover area at desired thickness. Plan for material working time of 60 minutes.
2. MANUAL MIX: Fill a sturdy mix container with 1.75 gallons (7 quarts) of water at 50°F min. Add one 34 lb bag of DRYTEK® 3000 to water. Use entire bag of product. Mix for 2-3 minutes using a heavy duty drill at 650 rpm to obtain a lump-free mix.
3. PUMP APPLICATION: DRYTEK® 3000 can be applied using standard pump/ mix equipment. Contact your DRYTEK representative for more information.

1. RE-CHECK CONDITIONS: Make sure that the substrate, the material, and the mixing water are at a temperature of at least 50°F.
2. POUR: Pour blended material onto substrate at a minimum depth of ¾ inches.
3. SMOOTH: Immediately smooth the poured slurry with a smoother.
4. DRY: Provide adequate ventilation to ensure uniform drying. Let material dry for min of 12 hours. May be walked on (light foot traffic) after 12 hours. May be capped with a DRYTEK Self-Leveling product such as DRYTEK® 7400 after 24 hours.

After 24 hour min dry time, cap the DRYTEK® 3000 base by pumping or pouring a DRYTEK self-leveling product (such as DRYTEK® 7400) at a minimum depth of ½ inch over the hardened DRYTEK® 3000. Follow instructions on the DRYTEK self-leveling packaging (sold separately) for proper preparation and application.

After applying the DRYTEK self-leveling product per instructions - the finished floor (tile, carpet, wood etc.) may be installed per manufacturer’s instructions.

A) CAPPING DELAY: If installation of the DRYTEK self-leveling cap is delayed more than 72 hours after the DRYTEK® 3000 is installed – allow the DRYTEK® 3000 to dry for 24 hours, then loosely cover the surface with plastic sheeting. When ready to install the cap - remove the plastic sheeting, prime the surface with DRYTEK Primer, and install the DRYTEK self- leveling cap per product instructions.
b) PROTECT FROM TRAFFIC: If heavy foot or equipment traffic is expected prior to capping, temporarily cover traffic lanes with plywood or similar material to protect the DRYTEK® 3000 surface from damage. Remove plywood prior to the final capping step.
c) SUBSTRATE DEFLECTION ISSUES: In applications where excessive floor deflection is anticipated, it is recommended that a heavy-duty fiberglass mesh or suitable metal lath be applied over the dried DRYTEK® 3000, followed by a 1/2 inch minimum depth cap (depth is dependent on application requirements) of a DRYTEK self leveling product such as DRYTEK® 7400.
d) RADIENT HEATING INSTALLATIONS: DRYTEK® 3000 has insulated properties superior to that of standard concrete, and therefore provides an excellent base surface for radiant heating systems. However, because of these insultating properties, do NOT encapsulate radient heating tubes in DRYTEK® 3000. First, pour, smooth, and dry the DRYTEK® 3000 per installtion instructions. Then lay the radient heating tubes on top of the hardened DRYTEK® 3000. Finally, encapsulate the tubes with DRYTEK® 7600 or 7800 per product instructions.

DRYTEK® 3000 may be installed either indoors or outdoors. In outdoor applications, the product must be topped or protected by suitable weather-resistant, load-bearing materials. If you have any questions about a specific application or installation please contact your DRYTEK® representative.

DRYTEK® 3000 is available in 34 lb polyethylene-lined paper bags.

Product should be stored in dry conditions and in original packaging. Use within 6 months of date of manufacture.

Read frequently asked questions and their answers on DRYTEK® 3000 here.

Information contained on this website is not legally binding. Information contained herein is in good faith but Drytek Flooring Solutions Inc (DRYTEK) will not be held liable for information which has been misunderstood or used incorrectly. DRYTEK will not be held liable for improperly applied or used products, nor the specific use or pertinency of a product to a particular project. Information contained herein or otherwise administered by DRYTEK or its affiliates is based on the current and present knowledge of the products when used under normal circumstances and according to DRYTEK recommendations.

WARNING: Dust may cause skin, eye, nose, throat, or respiratory irritation. Avoid dust inhalation and exposure to dust. If dusty, wear a NIOSH/MSHA-approved dust respirator. Use proper ventilation to reduce dust exposure. Portland cement is strongly alkaline and can be corrosive to eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Wear eye and skin protection. If eye contact occurs, immediately flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes and get medical attention. Do not ingest. If ingested and any discomfort occurs, call physician.


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