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Manufacturer's Product Description

The Regard modular lounge system supports times of transition to make every moment more meaningful.

Meaningful Waiting
The Regard system was created to solve the challenges of today's waiting places, where people sit isolated, disconnected, uncomfortable and unproductive. Providing the right blend of solutions, Regard helps make these moments more meaningful by offering greater comfort, connection and privacy.

Designed to improve transition moments in healthcare waiting places, Regard also supports learning and working in libraries, cafes and other in-between spaces at education institutions and corporations.

Integrated Power
Regard creates the right settings for leveraging technology in multiple ways. With integrated outlets at the surface, Regard provides easy access to power for personal devices. This enables productive waiting. And media cabinets bring monitors down to eye level, so people can choose whether or not to watch.

While waiting, most people seek separation from strangers and closeness to family, coworkers or classmates. Some like the stimulation of TV, while others prefer a quiet setting to focus on a task or read.

Regard provides a range of privacy options. Integrated dividers, screens and planters define and protect personal space in open environments. Regard booths give a familiar place where small groups can gather for private conversations.

Multiple Postures
People benefit from movement and productive activities while waiting. Whether lounging, perching or sitting, the ability to choose setting and posture gives people more control over transition times, which improves the overall experience.

Regard supports many comfortable and relaxing postures while also providing appropriate settings for task work at a table.

Each of the 150 Regard components has been designed for easy assembly, reconfigurability and replacement. This means Regard can readily adapt to evolving needs.

The Challenge
Fundamental changes are happening across healthcare, education and business, and everyone's expectations are higher. And today's waiting spaces are adding to the problem, not solving it.

The more crowding, chaos and noise around us, the more anxiety we feel. The less physically comfortable we are, the more our stress grows. The more time we waste doing nothing, the more dissatisfied we become.

By studying the experiences of patients and observing people in more than 60 healthcare waiting rooms, our team of researchers uncovered significant opportunities for improving the places where people wait.

We observed individuals wasting time waiting for direction, consultation and results in uncomfortable, high-anxiety settings. No thought was given to how people were spending this time. This resulted in frustrating experiences for patients and families and lost opportunity for clinicians.

Design Insights
During times of transition, Regard helps everyone make the best use of their valuable time. It fosters connections between people and technology. It provides choice and control over privacy and posture. Regard helps make waiting more productive and satisfying in lobbies, cafes, libraries, collaboration spaces, hallways and corridors.

Standard + Optional Features
Base Frames
Base frames and seating components allow for configuration on a 5 1/2" module
Single-sided base frames support modular seating with accompanying single sided backs
Double-sided base frames accommodate seating on opposite sides with a double-sided back in between
Bench base frames support two or three bench cushions
Single-sided planter frame accommodates both seating and planter components
Booth base frames accommodate booth cabinet and attached seating configurations
Frames include legs and all required trim pieces

Frame Extensions
Available in 11" and 271?2" depths to accommodate desk cabinets, media cabinets, planters and end-of-run seating
Frame extensions can be added to either end of double-sided frames or to the back of a 55" single-sided unit

Back Cushions
Backs integrate with single-sided, double-sided, or booth frames
Single-sided backs attach to single-sided frames or seating frame extensions
Double-sided backs attach to double-sided frames only

Seat Cushions
Available for single-sided, double-sided, bench and booth frames and 27"D frame extensions
An optional moisture barrier is available for all seat cushions

Arm Cushions
Single-sided, double-sided, in-line and contour arm options
Contour and in-line arms feature optional power integration to support mobile devices and space for personal belongings

Available as laminate or solid surface
Available in 3 different sizes to coordinate with Regard seating

Desk and media cabinets ensure productive waiting and optimize technology support
Booth provides a boundary from the surrounding environment
Worksurface is available in high-pressure laminate or solid surface

Planters + Planter Shelves
Planters are available in four sizes to align with various configurations

Visit the finish library to discover Regard fabrics

Frosted 6530

Sugarloaf Maple 2570
Almond Cherry 2571
Samba Cherry 2572
Dark Rum Cherry 2574
Shiraz Cherry 2575
Arctic White 2730
Seagull 2883
Dune 2885
Blackwood 2536
Marbled Maple 2612
Chocolate Walnut 2614
Virginia Walnut 2535
Clear Walnut 2538
Warm Oak 2539
Marbled Cherry 2615
Acacia 2HAT

Champagne 4750
Arctic White 7241

Merle 6527

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