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Manufacturer's Product Description

This sealant achieves all test-verified STC/MTC by sealing gaps in
partitions with a long-lasting, resilient, acoustical seal. Sheetrock®
Brand Acoustical Sealant is water-based, highly elastic and easy to
apply with hand-gun equipment to vertical and horizontal surfaces (even
overhead) without sagging. Sheetrock® Brand Acoustical Sealant is
excellent for fire-rated partitions and acceptable for use at the
perimeter of wall assemblies rated 1-3 hours.

Main Features
Sheetrock® Brand Acoustical Sealant can be used in full-load bearing,
steel-stud partitions (WHI-9-28-78). It boasts 0/0
flame-spread/smoke-developed Surface Burning Characteristics with
Underwriters Laboratories. Tested at Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories
in accordance with ASTM E90, this product was sound tested and proven to
be an integral component in maintaining STC/MTC partition ratings.
Excellent sound-flanking material (supports high STC ratings)
Superior performance as a fire caulk in UL-classified joint systems
Ideal for use in smoke and/or sound assemblies
Meets ASTM C834 specifications for latex sealants
Grade -18°C (0°F) low temperature flexibility, strong bond
Note: The product should not be painted or used with PVC or Plastic pipe.


Administrative Offices

Auditoriums and Gymnasiums

Bars Restaurants and Dining Areas



Convention and Meeting Rooms

Corridors and Hallways

Department Stores and Boutiques


Executive Areas, Conference Areas and Board Rooms

Exterior Soffits and Indoor Parking Garage

Galleries and Exhibit Spaces


Grocery Stores

Guest Rooms and Suites

Health and Fitness

Kitchens and Food Prep Areas

Laboratories, Operating Rooms and Imaging Rooms

Lobbies and Reception Areas

Locker Rooms, Shower Areas and Pools

Mall Interior Spaces

Mechanical Rooms

Media Centers, Music Rooms and Libraries

Multi-Family Residential and Condos

Nurseries and Birthing Rooms

Open Plan Offices

Patient Rooms

Restrooms, Utility Rooms and Loading Docks

Single-Family Residential

Stairways and Elevator Shafts


Traditional Offices


Activity with Sheetrock® Brand Acoustical Sealant